The Fed Delivers as Promised

Nov 1, 2019

Topics discussed: And just like that, we find ourselves in the month of November, a stunningly quick completion of the first ten months of the year. This means that we are now officially in the holiday season, that the Presidential election is only one year away, and that end of the year portfolio re-positionings are on the top of everyone's mind (okay, not everyone's, but at least ours).

This week's market produced all-time highs in the S&P 500, and this week's Dividend Cafe looks at why that is, how painfully unintelligent it is to think that "an all-time high" is something to be afraid of, and why the Fed did what they did this week. There is plenty to chew on, so please do grab a coffee, and jump on into the Dividend Cafe ...

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