There's Reason for an Optimistic Outlook

Nov 15, 201925 minutes

All-Time Highs and Trading Away the Tariffs

Nov 8, 201915 minutes

New York Annual Due Diligence Takeaways

Nov 5, 2019

TBG Investment Committee - NYC Trip - with David Bahnsen, Brian Szytel, and Deiya Pernas

The Fed Delivers as Promised

Nov 1, 2019

Three Time's A Charm

Politics, Policy, and your Portfolio

Oct 25, 201915 minutes

A Week of Boredom for Some, Not for Others

An Economic Lesson For The Short Term with Long Term Implications

Oct 18, 201919 minutes

US and China play Let's Make A Deal as Earnings Report

The Financial Implications of Winning or Losing the Trade War

Oct 16, 201954 minutes

Downloading The Trade War "Deal".

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