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Dividend Cafe - TBG Investment Committee Outlook -Week of January 20-24, 2020

Jan 21, 202057 minutes

Topics discussed: We are too early into earnings season to have much to say and the impeachment/political 'stuff' is enough to exhaust anyone. But 'global macroeconomics' - this is the stuff that gets us out of bed in the morning. And that's what we did this morning - we got out of bed and we talked global macro for you all. This is a not-to-be-missed Dividend Cafe podcast from our whole investment committee ...

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The Worldview of Emerging Markets

Nov 19, 201953 minutes

New York Annual Due Diligence Takeaways

Nov 5, 2019

TBG Investment Committee - NYC Trip - with David Bahnsen, Brian Szytel, and Deiya Pernas

The Financial Implications of Winning or Losing the Trade War

Oct 16, 201954 minutes

Downloading The Trade War "Deal".

Dividend Cafe Meets The Bahnsen Group Investment Committee

Sep 6, 201938 minutes

TBG Investment Committee tackles the Dividend Cafe Commentary

Investment Committee - August 28, 2019

Aug 29, 201955 minutes

Analyzing the Market Drop with David L. Bahnsen and Brian Szytel

Feb 9, 201834 minutes

David Bahnsen and Brian Szytel cover the week's market moves

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