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Brian Szytel is a guest on The Dividend Café

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New York Annual Due Diligence Takeaways

Nov 5, 2019

Topics discussed: Our 14th annual New York due diligence trip featuring 20+ meetings with top portfolio managers, economic strategists, and alternatives partners was a whirlwind, and in this special podcast, we invite you into the key takeaways for us on this significant trip.

Links mentioned in this episode: DividendCafe.com TheBahnsenGroup.com

The Financial Implications of Winning or Losing the Trade War

Oct 16, 201954 minutes

Downloading The Trade War "Deal".

Dividend Cafe Meets The Bahnsen Group Investment Committee

Sep 6, 201938 minutes

TBG Investment Committee tackles the Dividend Cafe Commentary

Investment Committee - August 28, 2019

Aug 29, 201955 minutes

Analyzing the Market Drop with David L. Bahnsen and Brian Szytel

Feb 9, 201834 minutes

David Bahnsen and Brian Szytel cover the week's market moves

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